Interventions, when combined with clinical treatment and ongoing recovery programs, have been remarkably successful in arresting addictive disease. Chemical dependency, for example, may not be curable but it is treatable and preventable. Alcoholics and other addicts are usually unable, on their own, to halt the downward spiral of addiction. Denial is the factor that makes this impossible. Without professional intervention, families and friends often the unwitting victims of addiction are also unable to halt the painful, debilitating spiral of addiction.

Frequently, when chronic pain and emotional problems accompany addiction, the friends and families of addicts don’t know what to deal with first. These are situations where Center Point Intervention has important experience. An advantage is Center Point�s familiarity with treatment centers around the country and years of experience with drugs, alcohol, professionals, the elderly, teenagers, dual diagnoses, psychiatric problems, personality disorders, and addictions other than chemical (such as addictions to gambling, sex, spending, and eating disorders). In addition, professional associates are available to help sort out complicated diagnostic issues such as chronic health problems and various psychiatric issues.

Addiction is a stubborn disease that won’t go away on its own. If anything, it almost always gets worse over time. It’s a disease that feeds on human neglect, claiming more hostages with each passing day.